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11 2016-08

Packaging machinery development momentum or will change

Insiders pointed out that the technical content of packaging products is reflected in the processing technology and technical equipment, technology is the core means of equipment is the key to develop ......

11 2016-08

Optimistic about the prospects of packaging machinery industry, conform to the trend of development

Domestic pharmaceutical and chemical industry growth but also in response to the packaging machinery and equipment to increase R & D innovation in Xian bottle machine, drying machine, filling mach ......

11 2016-08

A new processing method for the common problems of filling machine

灌装机在当前农化行业包装设备中被广泛的使用,它可与旋盖机、贴标机配套形成流水生产线。##近我在为客户服务的电话中接触到一些有关灌装机的新问题,整理汇总后并提供了如下解决方案,可供遇到类似问题的客户参考:一、 ......

11 2016-08

Analysis and treatment of common faults of automatic round bottle labeling machine

Automatic round bottle labeling machine is my company sales of a very good labeling machines, in the customer service has been very good evaluation. However, due to the use of the process of debugging ......

11 2016-08

Automatic filling machine - a major reform of the filling machine industry

With the acceleration of social development, improve the quality of life of people from time to time, the domestic packaging market demand increases unceasingly, thus filling machine also accelerated  ......

11 2016-08

Common faults and processing methods of small quantitative filling machine

Today, many small shops have their own oil filling machines, are generally small quantitative filling machine. Small quantitative filling machine models, simple and convenient operation, very economic ......