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A new processing method for the common problems of filling machine
Class: News Date: 2016-8-11 14:29:29
The filling machine is widely used in packaging equipment currently in agro industry, it can be used with capping machine, labeling machine and a complete production line. Recently I have been in contact with some of the new problems of the filling machine for customer service, after finishing the summary and provide the following solutions, can be used to meet the customer reference for similar problems:
First, the automatic operation does not fill
1, the failure of the phenomenon: after the start of the machine, into the bottle and other action in place, not filling.
2, the possible reasons for the formation of fault: 1 dive limit photoelectric position error; 2 dive limit photoelectric damage; 3 equipment parameter setting error; the 4 bottle of 5 bottles of live without photoelectric material; filling material is not open to the 6 cylinder did not play cards.
3, solution steps and methods:
The first dive: function to determine the automatic operation process open, check the lower limit and the photoelectric photoelectric location when diving cylinder dropped to the lowest position, move the lower bound to dive dive at the lower limit of the photoelectric photoelectric, indicator light. If you can not make the photoelectric indicator lights up, you need to check the lower limit of the optical correlation dive line is normal, if the line is normal, indicating that this photo has been damaged, need to replace the photo.
Second: automatic operation, check the touch screen whether the parameter setting error - check parameters filling head number is set correctly; check whether the buffer filling volume filling volume exceeds the target set at the beginning of reperfusion; check whether time delay is too long; check the filling metering filling volume is set page.
Third: automatic operation, when the action is in place, check whether there is a bottle in the bottle to block the photoelectric switch - to adjust the position of the photoelectric switch into the bottle, to ensure the automatic operation, the bottle into the bottle blocking.
Fourth: check whether the minimum liquid level alarm alarm interface, if not alarm, check the cylinder material is sufficient, if not enough, then check the liquid level detector circuit is abnormal, if the normal line is detected contacts corresponding to the PLC if the PLC is damaged, contact normal, the liquid level detector damage.
Fifth: view automatically run in place, the card bottle cylinder is made. If the card is not a cylinder, manual detection card bottle valve is working, if not, check the pressure is normal, whether the relevant lines fall off or loose, if the above examinations showed no abnormal detection contacts corresponding to the PLC is damaged, if the body is damaged the normal contact PLC.
Two, the servo motor can not work
1, the fault phenomenon: automatic filling, the servo motor does not move.
2, the possible causes of failure: 1 mechanical failure; 2 servo motor drives, encoder abnormalities
3, solution steps and methods:
The first view: servo motor side synchronous belt are jumping phenomenon; check the servo motor on the upper side of the screw is abnormal.
Second: check whether the servo drive abnormal alarm:
1, the servo drive of the relevant parameters to reset, so as to avoid the position of the pulse command is negative logic.
2, the alarm code encoder with servo driver, servo driver is connected with the encoder line to see whether loose or fall off, such as the normal line, servo drive alarm has not been released, the hardware failure (such as encoder fault, servo driver interface damage etc.).
3, check the servo drive voltage is normal.
4, check the servo drive connection PLC line is loose or fall off, detection of PLC corresponding to the contact is damaged.