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Optimistic about the prospects of packaging machinery industry, conform to the trend of development
Class: News Date: 2016-8-11 14:31:31
Domestic pharmaceutical and chemical industry growth but also in response to the packaging machinery and equipment to increase R & D innovation in Xian bottle machine, drying machine, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, labeling machine, sealing machine, printing machine, cartoning machine packaging equipment upgrades. We conform to the trend, keep the product upgrading efforts unabated, with excellent prospects for the development of the packaging machine industry.
Packaging machinery research and development is moving in the direction of high speed, multi-functional and intelligent control to meet the market demand. In order to meet the requirements of delivery time and reduce the cost of process flow, the packaging machinery in the future will be able to produce high speed. At the same time on some products, but also requires the packaging machinery and production machinery, can also be used for continuous work or long work. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the scrap rate and failure rate, so that the normal productivity can be improved, the development trend is to make the packaging machinery to further intelligent. Gold Wang's packaging equipment, environmental protection, energy saving, small area, province, artificial; good use, good-looking, human nature.
The industry for the packaging machinery industry's future prospects, because of industrial robots, microelectronics, computer, intelligent and image sensor technology will be more and more widely used, the more intelligent automatic packaging machinery. Our packaging equipment, accurate dose, in addition to odor, in addition to dust, to maximize the customer site staff to ensure that the work of comfort.