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Packaging machinery development momentum or will change
Class: News Date: 2016-8-11 14:35:20
Insiders pointed out that the technical content of packaging products is reflected in the processing technology and technical equipment, technology is the core means of equipment is the key to development, validation, manufacturing, packaging machinery occupies a leading position in the packaging process. Although China has accelerated the technological innovation research and development, narrowing the gap with the advanced level of the industry. However, foreign R & D results in an endless stream, research and development trend is increasingly diverse, if the domestic industry can not achieve breakthrough innovation, will never be able to achieve the domestic packaging machinery on the import of equipment.
According to the international survey found that to investigate the packaging machinery manufacturers around the world, in the next few years, the field of packaging machinery will still maintain a good momentum of development, but the overall pattern of the industry will change dramatically. To this end we are in product updates and industrial structure adjustment has continued to have a new action, the company's production of packaging machinery covering more and more extensive. On the basis of professional manufacturing conversion packaging equipment, and gradually began to large chemical, chemical industry R & D and production of the desired model.
A few years ago, the rapid development of gross industrial output value and sales growth of 11.64% and 11.17%, respectively, the cumulative production of special equipment for the packaging of 82673 units, an increase of 21.97%, the cumulative growth of 20.64%.
Packaging machinery industry development prospects are very optimistic, but only continue to achieve a breakthrough in innovation, in order to keep up with changes in demand, seize the initiative in the market, to promote the industry towards high-end, intelligent direction of development.
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