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QSP-48 full-automatic reversed bottle washer
Class: Bottle washer series
Date: 2016-8-10 10:40:27

  • Product description
Technical parameter
Model QSP-16 QSP-24 QSP-30 QSP-36 QSP-40 QSP-48
Production efficiency 3000b/h 5000b/h 6000b/h 7000b/h 8000b/h 8400b/h
Applicable bottle type φ50-100mm H=120-320mm
Equipment power 1.12kw 2.25kw 2.95kw 2.95kw 3.75kw 3.75kw
Overall size 1500×1400×2000 1600×1800×2000 1900×2000×2000 2100×2260×2000 2100×2500×2000 2430×2800×2000
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