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QSP-60 full-automatic reversed bottle washer
Class: Bottle washer series
Date: 2016-8-10 10:40:27

  • Product description
Main features
The series product is the full-automatic overturn type washing equipment designed for realizing bottle washing on the full-automatic production line, and circular rotation operation principle is adopted, and automatic reverse washing and resetting will arise after the bottle is grasped which is characterized by high speed, high efficiency, simple and quick structure, stable operation, etc. 

Characteristics of bottle washer: 
1) As for precisely manufactured mechanical arm bottle gripper, the arm lock tooth type engagement can realize stable, reliable, robust and free bottle catching and releasing. 
2) As for tracking mode safety relief valve bottle washing, no washing arises in case of no bottles, and the bottle washing is efficient and the effect is stable and reliable. 
3) Adjustable frequency conversion of the speed, free control of the output and digital display of working speed. 
4) The flashing valve adopts middle guide pillar transverse switch principle with free movement and the seal ring adopts hygiene grade good rubber and special process design with rigor sealing and long useful life. 
5) Positioning flushing for nozzle, large flushing strength and accurate bottle alignment. 
6) Wide and flexible flushing adaptability. Design two flushing procedures according to use requirements, and manufacture bottle washing and bottle control combined machine or only manufacturing draining machine. 
7) The overload protector is complete and in place which can prevent broken bottle damaging machine. 
8) The bottle lead-in threaded rod, mould numerical control machining, proper mating with bottle type and quick handover delivery. 
9) The electric lifting structure is with convenient adjustment, and the scope applicability of the bottle type is strong. 
10) The whole machine is beautiful and durable and can meet demands of different outputs and working conditions. 

Technical parameter

Model QSP-60 QSP-72 QSP-84 QSP-96
Production efficiency 12000b/h 18000b/h 24000b/h 30000b/h
Applicable bottle type φ50-100mm H=120-320mm
Equipment power 4.1kw 5.1kw 5.5kw 7.0kw
Overall size 3000×3300×2100 3600×3900×2100 3950×4400×2200 6000×5200×2260

Model QSP24-24 QSP36-36 QSP48-48 QSP60-60 QSP72-72
Production efficiency 5000b/h 8400b/h 11000b/h 12000b/h 18000b/h
Applicable bottle type φ50-100mm H=120-320mm
Equipment power 3.0kw 4.5kw 5.5kw 6.2kw 7.7kw
Overall size 3050×1800×2000 3950×2260×2000 4760×2800×2000 6000×3400×2100 6900×3900×2100
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