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GDP30-10 full-automatic equipotential filling, cap-picking and cap-pressing combined machine
Class: Filling series of condiment
Date: 2016-8-10 10:40:27

  • Product description
Main features
The series product is independently developed and innovated and can be divided into combination and fission structures based on condiment filling and packaging process form demand with cold and hot filling, cap-picking and pressing, spiral cap-sealing, plastic proof cap-screwing, etc. to meet production demand of different products. 

1) High efficiency: Frequency control, LCD digital display of production capacity. 
2) Large range: The applicable bottleneck is φ40-100mm and bottle height is 150-300mm and filling volume scope is large with convenient adjustment. 
3) Fully compatible: All kinds of glasses, porcelains, plastics, potteries could realize full-automatic production. 
4) Accurate liquid level: The filling liquid level fails to change along with bottle capacity, and filling liquid level is consistent. 
5) No leakage: The negative pressure filling mechanism principle is with tight sealing, and no filling and no spilled liquid automatically arise in case of broken, leaked bottles and no bottles. 
6) No broken bottle: Automatic adapting of bottle height error, soft brake of soft start, no rigid impulse and no broken bottle damaging the machine. 
7) The newest researched and developed negative pressure type equipotential filling valve is with good bottle entering guidance, accurate liquid level and quick filling speed, and the product is superior to the standard of the same industry, and the internal soft seal ring movable structure is very applicable to be used for hot filling. 
8) Easy cleaning: Slightly loosen the filling valve, push up the valve element, the inner thrust of the pin roll for location can make the filling valve under the normally open status which is convenient for cleaning of the whole machine and filling valve. 
9) Automatic cap lifting, cap tidying, pickup, cap locking for packaging, PLC program control system for control, careful bottle cap inspection and intelligent and timely cap supply. 

Technical parameter
Model GDP45-10 GDP30-10 GDP-30 GDP24-6 GDP-24 GDP-16 GDP-12
Production efficiency 12000 b/h 8000-10000b/h 6000b/h 6000b/h 6000b/h 4200b/h 3000b/h
Applicable bottle type Φ50-100mm H=100-300mm Bottle mouth inner diameter ≥Φ17 mm
Filling volume scope 125-1000ml
Equipment power 6.61 kw 5.23 kw 2.25 kw 2.99 kw 1.85 kw 1.85kw 1.5kw

Overall size
(length x width x height)

3900x2900x2550 3400x2250x2550 1600x1900x2200 2820x1700x2550 1400x1600x2200 1100x1250x2200 1000x1500x2200
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