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  • Product description
Key features
1) High efficiency: Frequency control of the whole machine, digital display of working speed and production capacity per valve: 250-300 bottles/hour. 
2) Large range: The adjustment range of continuous filling capacity is form 80 to 800ml (it's allowed to customize model with larger scope), and the adaptable bottle type is with wide range. 
3) High precision The CNC lapping processing for wine jar is done, the filling is conducted based on the piston with a fixed quantity sticking to the bottle wall, no splashing, foam, leakage, etc. Arise, and the average error of medium capacity precision of 500ml is ±1.5ml. 
4) Fully compatible: The filling operation for glass, ceramics, plastic bottle, special-shaped bottle, etc. can be realized. 
5) Automation: After the bottle's entering, automatic bottle lifting happens at the bottleneck, and automatic righting is done. The inching synchronization continuous adjustment and LCD digital accurate display.
6) Pure material: As for all panels touching the liquid, high quality stainless steel 304 materials shall be adopted, which is antidioxidant and durable. 

Technical parameter
Model GDP-12Semi-automatic GDP-12Full-automatic GDP-18Semi-automatic GDP-18Full-automatic GDP-24 GDP-32 GDP-45
Technical parameter 3000b/h 4800b/h 6000b/h 8000-10000b/h 12000-15000b/h
Applicable bottle type Φ50-100mm H=140-280mm
Filling precision 500ml±1.5mL
Volume scope 100-800ml
Total power 0.75kw 380V 1.1kw 380V 1.1kw 380V 1.5kw 380V 3.3kw 380V
Overall size
(length x width x height)
1100x1060x2150 1100x1050x2150 1220x1260x2150 1220x1250x2150 1400x1550x2150 1550x1750x2150 2500x2550x2150
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