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Key features 

Such machine is mainly used for filling without gas and liquid, and is convenient for adjustment and change of filling volume with accurate quantification. It's the ideal equipment of bottled liquid with low viscosity such as white spirit and drug liquid etc. 

1) It achieves the filling method of liquid inlet at normal pressures, liquid outlet at differential pressure and obstruction and defoaming, as well as the dynamic integration of intelligent and mechanical control; The internal damping defoaming filling mouth is equipped with three layers of stainless steel meshes, which reduces the liquid impact in the filling process. 

2) Impermanence contact filling: The bottle mouth of bottle entering in the filling machine is clamped by bottle plywood, and the air cylinder opens in the filling process. The filling mouth doesn't directly contact with the bottle mouth to prevent the pollution. 

3) High precision and high speed The filling valve body of the machine is the high precision product independently developed by our company, it uses the piston and measuring cylinder for quantification adjustment, and the cylinder controls the opening and closure of filling valve, and entering the bottle can be induced with optoelectronic switch, the filling of all bottles can be realized and the differential pressure of liquid level is constant. 

4) No wine-choking and no leakage: The filling mouth adopts the damping type channel, and the impulse is reduced when the liquid column is filled in the bottle. The wine liquid isn't easy to blister and overflow. The filling valve is reversely blocked and sealed at the end of filling, which rapidly cuts off the liquid and eradicates the dropping and leakage circumstance. 

5) Low energy consumption and high efficiency: In the whole process of filling, no lifting motion of the bottle arises, and structure is concise and reasonable, mechanical friction is reduced, power loss is lowered, and the capacity adjustment is quick and convenient. 

Technical parameter
Number of threads 12 18 24 30 36
Speed 4200 6500 8700 10800 13000
Precision 500±1ml
Bottle type H=100~300mm Φ=50~100mm
Power(KW) 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.2 2.2
Size(mm) 1600×1480×2550 1650×1630×2550 1710×1780×2550 1950×2020×2550 2140×2150×2550
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