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  • Product description
Key features 

Weigh and measure liquid inlet of filling machine by in the rotation process by the transfer-transmission filling mode of signal digital quantity.  The secondary control principle of velocity owns the advantages such as advanced system, rapid filling speed and high accuracy etc. 

1) The filling valve is equipped with the weighing sensor independently installed, which directly matches with the subunit of Siemens ET200S weighing module. The liquid inlet is separately supplied and weighed, the air cylinder controls liquid outlet velocity, and the filling speed is based on the filling principle of rapidly first and slowly secondly. 

2) The data collection adopts the digital quantity transmission mode, which exerts all advantages of modern automatic system. Synthesizing the communication diagnosis system, the filling information is directly processed in PLC, and the module installation isn't restricted and influenced by external factor. With high speed calculation of filling volume, the machine automatically collects data to make up for the process difference. 

3) All key components are precisely casted with imported stainless steel 304 material, and are processed and molded by the numerically-controlled machine tool with smooth surface processing and delicate assembly process. The sealing element conforms to the food grade requirements. 

4) With weighing and calculation of high speed and high accuracy, the machine owns the recipe management function, and the programmed control system and Chinese human-machine interface operation on touch screen are filed The parameters of various wines are stored for convenience of change of wine parameter. 

5) Automatic control of wine inlet constant liquid level scope, independent rotation cleaning mechanism, convenient adjustment of cleaning data; Automatic recycling of liquid and very low wine consumption rate. 

6) The electric lifting and falling principle has wide application scope, and the star wheel guide device could be replaced in case of replacing the bottle type. 

7) Downstream liquid filling principle of fluidics reduces the filling friction and overcomes the defect of wall hanging. The unique valve design completely eradicates the dropping and leakage problems. 

8) Weighing sensor imported with original packaging from Germany has excellent quality, which is dampproof with anti-corrosion and high protection grade; The action principle of each part has reliable operation principle with strict calculation, and the maintenance of component is convenient. 

Technical parameter
Production efficiency 4000b/h 6000b/h 8000b/h 12000b/h 15000b/h
Applicable bottle type Φ40-100mm H=100-300mm
Filling precision 500ml±1mm
Volume scope 40-1000ml
Equipment power 0.75 kw 1.1 kw 1.1 kw 1.5 kw 3 kw
Overall size
(length x width x height)
1650x1500x2400 1650x1680x2400 1730x1800x2400 2150x2200x2400 2950x3200x2400
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