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GDP60CZ-15-15 Full-automatic weighing-type filling coverage and sealing combined machine
Class: Filling series of white spirit, yellow wine and health care wine
Date: 2016-8-10 10:40:27

  • Product description
Key features 

Such machine adopts the core component of weighing filing method-weighing filing electrovalve which has been included in the national invention patent. 

The liquid filled in bottle is set on the basis of weighing sensor, which eliminates the influence factors such as liquid wall hanging, fluctuation and environment temperature etc. 

With the velocity change design in filling process, the liquid column is softly filled without leakage and overflowing, which improves the filling speed and accuracy.  

The full-automatic machine filling steps of cap installation-cap arrangement-cap coverage-cap sealing are completed one time, which mainly used for the filling without gas and liquid, cap coverage and sealing. So the machine is the ideal equipment of bottled liquid with low viscosity such as the wine and drug liquid etc. 

1) High accuracy and high speed: 
The core component of the machine-electronic weighting valve is the product which is independently developed by our company with high accuracy. It automatically traces, calculates and compensate by adopting the synthetic technique of the imported sensing module, and directly sends the instruction to control the filling valve with high filling accuracy and high speed. 

2) No wine leakage and dropping 
The filling mouth adopts the damping type channel with velocity change filling, and the impulse is reduced when the liquid column is filled in the bottle. The wine liquid isn't easy to blister and overflow. It reversely blocks and seals at the end of filling, which rapidly cuts off the liquid and eradicates the dropping and leakage circumstance. 

3) No bottle broking and cap damage 
The seal-capping head has the self-adaptive bottle height function, and the bottle also has no bottle broking and cover damage even if the bottle height error is larger. 
The seal-capping head adopts the lever-type working principle of imported technology with simple structure and quick and convenient adjustment. The whole cover is evenly pressed with good sealing effect. The sealing blade is manufactured with the special materials, which stands wear and tear with long lifetime. The blade is finely and smoothly processed, which doesn't wear and scratch the bottle cap. 
The seal-capping head is equipped with the automatic positioning device of bottle mouth, which avoids many adverse influences such as the bottle slant, bottle block and inaccurate bottle positioning etc. The seal-capping pressure head is equipped with automatic detection device of bottle cap, the bottle has no bottle cap, and the seal-capping head stop collar could block the texture squeezing wheel and edge shrinking wheel to guarantee they don't shrink when the seal-capping head descends. The blade is away from the bottle cap, which has no damage to the bottle cap, greatly reduces the damage rate of bottle, and guarantees the normal operation of equipment. 

4) Low energy consumption and high efficiency 
The bottle has no rising and falling movement in the whole filling process with concise and reasonable structure, which decreases the machinery friction and reduces power loss There isn't gas exchange, convection and crash in the filling process with high filling effect. The volume not only could be adjusted by whole machine, but also could slightly adjusted by valve with rapid and convenient volume adjustment. The filling parameters of various wines are stored in processor, so the filling could be conducted only by setting corresponding parameter on the touch screen in case of changing wine, which greatly improve the work efficiency. 

Technical parameter
Model GDP60CZ-15-15
Number of equipment threads Filling:60 Grab-capping:15 Sealing:15
Production efficiency 15000b/h
Applicable bottle type Φ40-100mm H=100-300mm
Filling precision 500ml±1mm
Filling volume scope 40-1000ml
Equipment power 8.84 kw
Air source pressure 0.4-0.5 Mpa
Gas consumption 0.4m³/min
Overall size (length x width x height) 5360x3550x3300
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