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GDP12-12-1 full-automatic rinsing, filling, nitrogen charging and bottle corking combined machine
Class: Filling series of wine and sparkling wine
Date: 2016-8-10 10:40:27

  • Product description
Key feature

The series product is the multi-step machine integrating multiple functions such as bottle washing, filling, impacting nitrogen, plugging, locking based on the most internationally advanced technology introduced by our company and actual demand of filling technology of fruit wine and sparkling wine, except for standalone function,  synchronization, efficiency, energy conservation, simplicity, compactness, etc. also exist. 

Characteristics of bottle washer: 
1) As for precisely manufactured mechanical arm bottle gripper, the arm lock tooth type engagement can realize stable, reliable, robust and free bottle catching and releasing. 
2) As for tracking mode safety relief valve bottle washing, no washing arise in case of no bottles, and the bottle washing is efficient and the effect is stable and reliable. 
3) The frequency conversion of the speed is adjustable, and the output can be freely controlled. 
4) The electric lifting structure is with convenient adjustment, and the applicability of the bottle type is strong. 

Characteristics of filling machine: 
1) Large range: The height of the bottle type and the scope of the diameter dimension are large, and the scope of the filling volume is large with a guaranty of the filling liquid level. 
2) Easy cleaning: The filling valve independent opening form makes cleaning of the whole machine convenient. 
3) Accurate liquid level: The rough vacuum negative pressure filling, adjustable the liquid level of the filling valve which is consistent. 
4) No leakage: The sealing is with rigor and reliability, and no filling and no spilled liquid automatically arise in case of broken, leaked bottle and no bottle. 
5) No broken bottle: The flexible bottle lifting and filling principle, offset in case of overvoltage and automatic adaption of bottle height error. 

Characteristics of nitrogen filling machine: 
1) Novel structure and reliable and convenient work. 
2) Electrical mutual conversion operation, no nitrogen filling in case of no bottle for preventing waste of nitrogen. 
3) Simple and quick height adjustment and wide applicable bottle height. 

Characteristics of plug machine: 
1) Novel structure design, harmonious action and reliable work. 
2) The unique rotation type mechanism for pulling out and inserting plug and unblocked plug insertion. 
3) The mechanical cam mechanism for sending and inserting plug, no plug insertion in case of no bottle entering for preventing of waste of wooden plug. 
4) The jam copper billet materials are first-class, shrinkage plug sliding block adopts imported synthesis-metal materials for fabricating with extra care, the fitting accuracy is rigorous and the strict fabrication processing of materials is done to make sure the useful life of critical components. 
5) The height of the whole machine is easy and convenient for the adjustment of which it can rapidly adapt to the bottle type. 
6) With elasticity, bottle lifting and overload protection during the bottle feeding and plug pressing process, it can protect the machine from damage by breaking bottles.

Technical parameter
Model GDP9-1 GDP12-1 GDP12-9-1 GDP12-12-1 GDP16-16-1
Production capacity 1000b/h 2000b/h 1000b/h 2000b/h 3000b/h
Total power 4.53Kw 4.53Kw 4.9Kw 4.9Kw 5.7Kw
Applicable bottle type Φ50-100mm H=220-350mm
Pressure requirements of compressed air 0.3-0.6Mpa
Pressure requirements of nitrogen source 0.1-0.2bar
Ultimate vacuum 0.5 bar
Overall size 2000x1460x2200 2000x1460x2200 3000x1460x220 3000x1460x2200 3400x1770x2500
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