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DZ-6 completely automatic plug machine
Class: Sealing machine series
Date: 2016-8-10 10:40:27

  • Product description
Main features
1) Use the independent congestion copper block for the congestion machine, move slider in horizontal direction to compress the wooden plug to the dimension in the regulation and hit the cork punching rod into the bottle. Use special material for the congestion block and conduct the precision heat treatment for the whole surface with no rust and dregs dropping, and the service life is long 
2) Set the mechanical or nylon turntable plug-adjustment device which can automatically adjust plug that is energy saving and reliable. 
3) The height of the beat is adjustable, it is set with an independent lifting reduction box which can meet the requirement punching bottles with different heights. 
4) The punching machine is set with the mechanism of vacuum pumping and nitrogen filling, the time before and after the beat shall be conducted synchronously to ensure the demand of freshness for the product of tank filled liquid. 
5) With high automation, the plug-adjustment, plug-pushing and plug- congestion are conducted automatically and continuously, under the condition of high speed operation, the movements of the parts at the respective cams should be coordinated for the order of work. 
6) With elasticity and overload protection during the bottle feeding and plug pressing process, it can protect the machine from damage by broken bottles. 
7) Positions at the entry and squeeze of bottles, the limit position for rising and falling, the starwheel device etc. are set with the protection switch of limit travel which effectively guarantees the safe production of the equipment. 

Technical parameter
Model DZ-A DZ-4 DZ-6 DZ-8 DZ-10
Production capacity 3000b/h 5000b/h 6000 b/h 8000 b/h 10000 b/h
Applicable bottle type Φ60-100mm H=250-350mm
Nitrogen pressure 0.1- 0.15 MPa Clean air pressure 0.6 MPa
Equipment power 1.5kw 1.87kw 1.87kw 2.57kw 3.37kw
Overall size 1050×850×2100 1500×1250×2500 1500×1250×2500 1500×1450×2500 1700×1650×2500
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