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DN-3 automatic roller cap thermoforming machine
Class: Sealing machine series
Date: 2016-8-10 10:40:27

  • Product description
Main features
This machine is mainly applicable for the bottles that require the hot shrinkage and rolling cap for the bottle mouth and the plastic cap after the completion for the filling of the liquid and sealing. 
1) The structure of the whole machine is simple, the work is reliable and stable, and the maintenance is convenient. 
2) The rolling wheel is made with special material with high strength which is abrasion resistant for long life. The rolling head is made with precision with the use of stainless steel of which the adjustment is simple and convenient; the rolling cap should be completed for one time which is flat and firm with the smooth appearance that is not wrinkled, the good sealing effect and high efficiency. 
3) Both the dynamic system and the thumb wheel system are set with the buffering overloading protection device, the initiation is set with elastic component for absorption which is stable and soft. When the accidents occur, the overloading device should be cut for the power immediately; the equipment should be shut down automatically which effectively guarantee the safety of both human and machines. 
4) The plug-bottle star wheel, the guide-bottle plate and the bottle screw with rapid structure may achieve the rapid plug in which is convenient and simple, the bottle mouth is set with an automatic positioning device which avoids many adverse effects like reverse bottle, blocked bottle, inaccuracy of positioning at the bottle mouth etc. 

Technical parameter

Model NMRS-1 DN-3 DN-4 DN-6
Production capacity 2000b/h 3000b/h 4000b/h 4000b/h
Applicable bottle type Φ=60~100mm H=250~350mm
Power 3.37KW 5.87KW 7.47KW 3.30KW
Overall size 850×1000×1900mm 1300×1100×2300mm 1400×1100×2300mm 1500×1200×2300mm
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