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PQS completely automatic shrinkage cap machine
Class: Sealing machine series
Date: 2016-8-10 10:40:27

  • Product description
Main features
1) The scope of adaption is big: The height of adaption is 200-400mm, the bottle diameter is 50-120mm for the bottle type. It can meet the shrinkage cap of all the sparkling wines on the market. 
2) The bottle with no shrinkage cap can effectively protect the shrinkage head to prevent the over-charging of gas that may damage the shrinkage head. 
3) The height of the whole machine is easy and convenient for the adjustment of which it can rapidly adapt to the bottle type. 
4) The shrinkage cap air bag, the plastic block is formed by the plastic injection of precision mold with good effect of shrinkage cap and long life. 
5) There is elastic overloading protection for the bottle entry and holding of the whole machine to prevent the machine from being damaged. 
6) With the regard to the printing bottle and the printing plastic cap, the rotating and positioning mechanism can be selected which can guarantee the alignment for the pictures of the bottles and the plastic bottles and add the overall appearance of the sparkling wine. 

Technical parameter
Model PQS-1 PQS-2 PQS-6
Production efficiency 500b/h 1500b/h 5000b/h
Applicable bottle type Φ50-120mm H200-400mm
Total power Pneumatic 0.75kw 2.57kw
Compressed air 0.4-0.6MPa    
Overall size 420x180x350 1200X1000X2300 1800x1600x2300
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