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RS9-6 full-automatic cap hot shrinkage combined machine
Class: Sealing machine series
Date: 2016-8-10 10:40:27

  • Product description
Main features
The machine is applicable to bottle type needing bottleneck thermal shrinkage plastic cap after completing the liquid filling sealing. 
1) The structure and operating principle are simple, and the operation is reliable with convenience for maintenance. 
2) The motor speed is stepless and adjustable and the circular heater is with compact structure and low power consumption and temperature control by microcomputer. 
3) Adopt plastic cap-thermal shrinkage head specially researched and developed with anti-scald design, and the heating temperature can be conveniently adjusted by annular heating, even shrinkage, steady, smooth and beautiful pasting without shrinkage. 
4) RS-IV full-automatic plastic cap-thermal shrinkage machine adopts a combination of automatic cap harnessing machine and single-end automatic thermal shrinkage machine which is the new mechanical-electrical integration product developed by our company. All pneumatic elements adopt FEFTO, SMC and other world famous brands with reliable quality, stable working performance and saving of labor and time. Possess advantages of accurate cap falling and right cap harnessing, etc. 
5) Other RS automatic plastic cap-thermal shrinkage machine adopts the principle of the synchronous thermoregulation by several shrinkage heads with control by microcomputer, air-sweeping type shrinkage, and there are many thermal shrinkage heads automatically and quickly lifted after closing down to prevent scorching hot and scald for the plastic cap. 

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