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TY series full-automatic antitheft cap sealing machine
Class: Sealing machine series
Date: 2016-8-10 10:40:27

  • Product description
Main features
This machine is applicable to crosscutting aluminum antitheft cap sealing bottle. 
1. Adopt the electromagnetic vibratory and rotating blowing type cap sorters, and the straightening out of bottle cap is unblocked and freely, and equip stainless steel cap harnessing device manufactured with extra care at the same time, and the position of bottle cap is accurate, cap harnessing is stable and unblocked and there is no bottle falling. 
2. The sealing knife is manufactured with special materials and strictly processed by technology for heating processing with high strength, wear resistance and long useful life. The milled head adopts four-wheel yawing type work principle, and the adjustment is simple and convenient, and the rolling line edge is automatically completed for once, and the texture is even, and appearance is smooth without shrinkage, and the sealing effect is well, with high efficiency. 
3. The plug-bottle star wheel, the guide-bottle plate and the bottle screw with rapid structure may achieve the rapid plug in which is convenient and simple, the bottle mouth is set with an automatic positioning device which avoids many adverse effects like reverse bottle, blocked bottle, the inaccuracy of the positioning at the bottle mouth etc. 
4. The milled head center distance is appropriate which reduces the centrifugal force phenomenon during the regular work, and the hardening treatment is done for guide way surface which mates with track roller, reducing operating pulse, realizing no vibratory impulse during the high speed of the equipment and making the work more stable and reliable. 
5. The buffering overload protection device is set for dynamical system and the wheel moving system, and the elastic component is set for absorption during the startup making it stable and soft, when the accident happens, the overload device will immediately cut off the power supply, as a result, the equipment automatically stops to guarantee the worker and machine is safe. 

Technical parameter
Model TY-6 TY-8 TY-10 TY-12
Yield 7000 9400 12600 15000
Power 1.28KW 1.28KW 1.87KW 2.57KW
Applicable bottle diameter 60-100 60-100 60-100 60-100
Applicable bottle diameter 100-300 100-300 100-300 100-300
Overall size 1500*1150*2100 1500*1150*2100 1630*1350*2100 1650*1410*2100
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